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Each of our candles is placed in a dignified black matt glass jar made and designed especially for candles. It gives elegance and peace to every interior, and the scent of a candle will make each moment more pleasant and characterful. Our candles in the glass jars give a lovely, warm light, and you can reuse the glass when the soy wax is gone.

We want to create a new way you think about soy wax candles! We make candles that become a pure pleasure for you without any surprises. Therefore, we use only biodegradable, non-allergenic, GMO-free soy wax and openwork beech wood wick.
We owe our beautiful scents to the unique compositions of specially designed fragrance oils. All of them are IFRA certified, which proves the highest quality.
Our assortment includes entirely natural and incredibly aromatic candles and wax melts, giving any interior character. All the scented products we make ourselves, and it is a perfect accessory in any room.
We start by choosing the right scent and testing it in different room sizes. Then, we take care of the minor details in aesthetics and performance.
The glass used to create Moolea candles comes from manufacturing specialized in candle glass jars. Our candles in black glass jars give a pleasant, warm light, and you can reuse the glass when the soy wax is gone.
Our soy candles are poured to be safe for lighting and general use. We use the openwork beech wood wicks, which are matched to our black jar candles, so that they do not heat the jar and do not overburn and overheat the wax. It means some soy wax can remain on the glass walls. This residual wax will melt over time by the heat generated by the flame as the candle is burned repeatedly.
Thanks to their discreet mat design, they will look perfect in any room, and their pleasant scent will give each moment a unique character.
With Moolea candles, you can choose ready-made ones we ship to you immediately. Or you can select a candle subscription. Currently, we offer three variants: 3-month, 6-month and 9-month. You choose only the subscription duration, pay in advance without charging your card every month, and we take care of the rest. No automatic extension of the subscription, so you can focus only on enjoying the fragrance.

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