We make scented products

that tell stories and take you

on the best adventure of your life.

Our vision: Every smell is a Story
Our mission: “Riech dich richtig glücklich”

Moolea is a small manufactory owned by Agnieszka and Antonios, which initially only produced natural soaps in various fragrances. In addition to caring for materials that are as natural as possible, the zero-waste idea was also the focus. Under the Calmilia label, the range has been expanded to include bath salts and body scrubs, and the packaging system is entirely plastic-free. Until 2020 this was the core business. After that came a slight expansion, and the product range grew from 32 products to 139, still plastic free and new under the Moolea brand. 2020 was an exceptional year in another way, too, because the one-woman company became a partner company. Antonios came into Agnieszka’s life. In the beginning, he only answered questions about development and improvement requests. However, over time he became more and more involved.

The first soy wax candles came for the 2021 Christmas season, and the first production batch was sold out within seven days. After that, Agnieszka recognized the potential and developed many more soy wax candle ideas. But, unofficially, the focus was already on candles instead of natural cosmetics, and at the beginning of 2022, work on the new business case started.

In October 2022, Moolea launched with a focus on soy wax candles and will provide future fine smellers with savoury scents.

Moolea team
Specially designed fragrance oils for candles
Elegant black glass jar with an openwork wooden wick
Natural, clean, 100% GMO-FREE soy wax

Moolea team



I love creating things with my hands, and I’m so happy that I was born with the ability to turn almost any idea I have into a tangible product. Of course, my products have to be aesthetic and nearly perfect. Good smells that let me indulge in thoughts and memories are my great passion, and I would like to share them with you.
Moolea is my idea, and I founded the company. It is my toolbox for my happiness and self-realization.



Every good product needs a working business case. My passion is to create all around and to lead to success. My actions should open up the gap between today and the future for Moolea. With Agnieszka, her numerous ideas and her passion for her work, I can work on new business approaches and test them.
I co-founded Moolea, my toolbox for personal happiness and self-realization.

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