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Bath salts are a great addition to your everyday evening routine. Every bath salt is based on Epsom salt which helps reduce pain and swelling, ease stress, and relax the body.

In Moolea, we make four different bath salts: lavender bath salt, orange bath salt, rose bath salt and goat milk bath salt.

  • You can add Lavender bath salt to your evening routine after a long day at work to help you relax, calm and soothe your body. It has a great addition of Dead Sea Salt to reduce inflammation of the joints and boosts energy
  • Orange bath salt is energizing and let you feel summer the whole year long with a great addition of pink Himalayan salt to help to retain moisture
  • Rose bath salt is a MUST HAVE at-home-spa. Full of rose and peony petals make you feel like you left your home and flew for a quick vacay! Quite good addition of Dead Sea Salt reduces inflammation of the joints and boosts energy
  • Goat milk bath salt is perfect for nourishing your skin, and it was always our favourite. Why? Because goat milk gives water this silky feeling. Plus it makes you not want to leave and come back to your life. And let’s not forget about oatmeal which is here in two forms, in flakes and powder. It is known for moisturizing and reducing itching.

And last but not least! If you’re concerned about the flowers or oatmeal clogging your drain, be concerned no more! We give two organza bags for each bath salt jar, so place a spoonful of salt into the organza bag before each use.

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