Sugary cherry and strawberry soy wax candle

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Sugary cherry and strawberry soy wax candle is definitely our hit at the beginning of autumn. When it starts to get darker outside and the last warm summer evenings go into oblivion, our candle will begin to warm you with juicy raspberry and blackcurrant. Then it starts to get sweet and blissfully because sweet, fruity strawberries and blueberries come into play. Sweet cherries and a pinch of warming cinnamon complete this flowing fruity scent.

  • 160g

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Safety rules when burning Sugary cherry and strawberry soy wax candle:

  • The candle should burn long enough for the top layer of wax to melt from the edge to the vessel’s edge to create a so-called “pool”. It prevents the formation of tunnelling.
  • Before each candle use, shorten the wick to about 0.5 cm. Thanks to this simple procedure, the flame will burn evenly, and you can enjoy the smell of your candle longer.
  • Use long scissors specially designed for cutting candle wick. You can get them here.
  • Use a candle lid as a candle plate.
  • Do not leave a candle unattended, in a place accessible to children or pets, and near flammable materials


What is the difference between a soy wax candle and a paraffin candle?
You can read it here.

Due to the delicacy of soy wax and the completely handcrafted nature of the candles, tiny bubbles, slight unevenness, or occasional wax cracks can appear. However, it does not negatively affect the quality and use value of the candle.

Non-allergenic and GMO-free 100% natural and clean soy wax
Vegan and cruelty-free candle
Unbleached cotton wick
Hand-poured in a specially designed glass jar
IFRA certified fragrance oil

Weight 0.600 kg

6 reviews for Sugary cherry and strawberry soy wax candle

  1. Marie Claire Claus

    Sweet surprise

  2. A.S

    So duftet Glück. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Anna

    Leckere Duft

  4. Darlene

    I definately smell the cherry aroma which is sweet and nice, I enjoyed it.

  5. Lisa

    Love the strong cherry scent – one of my favorite candles!

  6. Jil

    Sweet and fruity for home office!

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sugary cherry and strawberry soy wax candle MooleaSugary cherry and strawberry soy wax candle

Availability: 5 in stock

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