Lavender soap bar less pretty


If you are not looking for a soap for a gift, and you do not mind using not the perfect-looking soap, we are happy to offer you this less pretty Lavender soap bar 🙂

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Lavender soap bar less pretty

Because soaps can play a trick sometimes. We prepare everything as always, measure it, pour it out, wait for the right temperature. And so there are surprises. Sometimes you don’t smell the essential oil, and sometimes some ingredients clump despite mixing the mixture. You can not do much about it. But such a bar of soap is still a good soap with good ingredients. It is not the most beautiful, we agree here 🙂

For every single soap, we use the same recipe, so quality and benefits remain the same.


Not every soap we make turns out to be perfect, so here is why you can find it here:

– the scent is weak or gone

– the design is bad (for example blue or pink clay did not fully dissolve)

– one soap coloured another soap (for example, turmeric soap was kept too close to olive soap and plain olive soap has few orange spots)

– soap is not cut straight or there are wire lines visible

– too much soda ash which makes soap look not too pretty (not harmful, gone after first use)


Lavender soap benefits:

lavender-infused oil – skin moisturizer and nourisher, antioxidant properties, makes soap gentle and soft to use, helps to relieve dry skin with extra soothing from lavender

shea butter – feels luxurious and moisturizing on the skin, full of Vitamins A, E and F, reduces skin inflammation

cocoa butter – adds luxurious and moisturizing feeling, high in fatty acids, helps to hydrate and nourish the skin

babassu oil – rich in Vitamin E

rice bran oil – high in fatty acids

avocado butter – moisturizes and softens skin

castor oil – draws moisture to the skin

hemp oil – high fatty acids

blue clay – 
antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

white clay – mild exfoliant


Ingredients (INCI)Lavandula Angustifolia Flower&Olea Europea Fruit Oil (lavender-infused oil), Sodium Shea Butterate (shea butter), Sodium Cocoa Butterate (cocoa butter), Sodium Babassate (babassu oil), Sodium Ricate (rice bran oil), Sodium Avocado Butterate (avocado butter), Sodium Ricinoleate (castor oil), Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Sucrose, Sodium Hempate (hemp oil), Glycerin, Kaolin, C177007, Linalool, Lavandula Angustifolia Flower, Limonene, Geraniol, Citral


Paper label.
External use only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Suitable for everyone above 3+.
Vegan and cruelty-free.
For everyday use.


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Availability: 23 in stock

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