Bamboo makeup remover pads


These bamboo makeup remover pads are a great reusable and washable alternative to disposable cotton pads which are thrown every day away.

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Bamboo makeup remover pads

Bamboo makeup remover glove can remove makeup, dirt, oil, sunscreen and dead skin cells.

They come in two sizes, both convenient to use. They are a great, reusable and washable alternative to cotton pads, which we throw away after every use.


How to use pads:

  • Run the bamboo pad under warm water
  • Remove all makeup and cleanser left
  • Once there is no more makeup on your pad, rinse them under warm water
  • Let them dry naturally


The set includes:

– 7 makeup removal pads, 8cm in diameter

– washing bag



90% bamboo frot

10% polyester

Because bamboo makeup remover pads are washed pretty often, 10% polyester makes them live longer.


Wash them in the washing machine from 40°C to 60°C.

Wash with your towels.


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bamboo makeup remover pads MooleaBamboo makeup remover pads

Availability: 14 in stock

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