Wax melt sample box


Our wax melt sample box contains every scent in our fragrance range. It will allow you to sniff each fragrance and choose your favourite one.
The Wax melt sample box contains 19 samples.

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Wax melt sample box

Each wax melt is in a glassine bag, so the scents do not mix.
Glassine bags we use are eco-friendly and made from pure pine wood cellulose, which is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


How to use?

There is enough wax in each bag to be placed on the wax burner.
Put the wax melt from the bag into the bowl on the burner. Ignite the unscented tealight. When the tealight burns out, leave the wax in the bowl. You can reuse this fragrance wax 2-3 times the smell will disappear.


The melted wax will not evaporate; only the smell is released. Therefore, you must remove the previously melted wax to use a different fragrance.


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