All is in your favor natural incense


Natural incense helps us to purify the rooms and objects. We can invite a new energy into our lives. We connect then with our intention and desires.
You can burn sticks as many times as you need. One natural incense stick should be enough for few burnings. Do not use entire smudge stick at once.

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All is in your favor natural incense 

  • Nettle stimulates all senses, strengthens health, makes it easier to overcome barriers and obstacles on the road to success. It helps to end self-pity and pity for others, and little constructive feelings. Protects and cleanses. Removes fears.
  • Heather is highly protective and acts as a shield protective, reflecting negative energy, e.g. envy and jealousy, aggression, etc. It brings happiness to everyone field. Calms down, relaxes, brings peace sleep, acts as an antidepressant. It soothes conflicts. Makes it easier to deal with situations extreme, adds strength, courage and endurance, supports personality development, strengthens willpower. It allows us to remove what inhibits us, blocks us from what to do doesn’t suit us anymore. Removes dependence on others people, accelerates the completion of all activities.
  • St. John’s wort has a protective, cleansing effect, healing and supportive. Protects from doubt and despair, helps to find strength needed to get through difficult times. brings internal balance, adds serenity and facilitates contact with one’s own self, teaches joy and refreshes the view of reality. drives away negativity, provides protection, attracts love and abundance.
  • Orange string symbolizes enthusiasm, fascination and youth. It awakens the joy of life. It improves action and adds energy.


How to start?

  1. Open windows in the room to allow airflow and to help negative energy leave.
  2. Before you start, think about intention for your ritual and what you want to achieve acheive 
  3. When you are ready to light your smudge stick, hold it at a 45-degree angle above a lighter or a match. Once flame catches the natural incense stick, blow it out to create a light smoke.
  4. Hold your stick above a heat proof container. It will let you catch any falling embers. 
  5. When you feel ready and fulfilled with your intentions, extinguish the stick by pressing it lightly into sand or salt. 

Do not use water to extinguish your natural incense. You will not be able to re-light the stick after using water.


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