In Moolea, you will find fragrance notes inspired by beautiful moments and everyday events worth remembering. We have collected all our fragrances currently available in one place and described them briefly.

No. 1 Delicate, sensual scent of cashmere and musk

No. 2 The intensely woody scent of cedar and sandalwood

No. 3 Delicious flavours of apple, peach and caramel

No. 4 Sweet, fruity, sugary cherry and strawberry

No. 5 Classic oriental amber and sweet wood

No. 6 The autumn fragrance of spicy pumpkin and cinnamon

No. 7 The biscuit scent of a sweet cookie and vanilla

No. 8 The masculine, heavy scent of dark, sweet honey with tobacco

No. 9 Lime, mango and jasmine

No. 10 Hot, warming Latin rhythms of cacao, lime and blue agave

No. 11 Frosty winter fragrance of cassis, orchid, lilac and mint

No. 12 Fresh, mild and delightful fig and cranberry

No. 13 Freshly brewed green tea with bergamot

No. 14 Fresh, delicate and pleasant aroma of cucumber and aloe.

No. 15 Fresh and refreshing limes and mandarins with a strong note of basil

No. 16 Pure, natural and no scent

No. 17 Sweet white chocolate

No. 18 Blackberry and lily of the valley garden blast of green accents

No. 19 Sweet, anise scent with a hint of vanilla

No. 20 Our sweet version of Schoggi Mélange

We love different smells because each one tells a story and brings back memories.
When choosing fragrances for our offer in a given season, various fragrance notes primarily guide us.
So, we choose a few different scents and begin with making test candles. First, they are small candles that we test in small rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom. We then check how the smell behaves during burning and how long it stays in the room after the candle has burned. During the test, we go in and out of the room several times to assess the intensity of the smell. Our goal is to make a candle that is a background and addition, not a so-called killer that makes it impossible to stay in a room with a given scent. It’s too intense, suffocating, and just plain nasty.
We choose a handful to try on larger surfaces among these few tested candles. Then we make a full-size candle, which we check in larger rooms, allowing the fragrance to reach every corner of the house.

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