The difference between paraffin and soy wax candles

When you are in the mood to light the candle, it is better to know the difference between paraffin and soy wax candle

Every year there comes a time when we throw off our light holiday clothes and hide under a thick layer of down jackets. The wool hats and scarves land on our heads. Fall and winter are when our noses get cold, and all we dream about is a hot bath, a cup of cocoa, and a book read under a blanket in the company of a warm flame of a beautifully fragrant candle placed on the table. Books – only the interesting ones, warming tea – only the ones we like, blanket – only the warmest possible and the bath as fragrant as possible. Should a detail such as a candle also be the best? It turns out that it is.

Very few people pay attention to the quality of such a small detail as this decorative element that warms up the interior and often visits our homes. On cold days, the shelves in supermarkets are full of ordinary paraffin candles of various shapes and scents. And who would pay attention to whether such a candle is suitable for us? Recently, it has turned out that paraffin candles definitely impact our health. And with frequent smoking, they can also contribute to its deterioration. Following the pro-ecological and pro-health course, manufactories started the production of soybean candles that were not yet popular. We invite you to read the text that will explain what is the difference between paraffin and soy wax candles. And why soy candles are a better choice when creating an evening atmosphere.

What is a candle, and how does it work?

First, let’s take a closer look at what a candle is and how it works. Candles were ultimately a light source used before the invention of electricity. They were usually formed from beeswax in the shape of a cylinder, with the wick embedded along with the entire height of the figure. Currently, candles are mainly used to decorate and warm the interior of an apartment. And – in the case of scented candles – to create an aura of pleasant aroma at home. Contemporary candles come in different sizes, shapes and scents, and beeswax has been replaced with much cheaper paraffin or stearin.

And here it is essential to pay attention to their impact on our health. While solid stearin and paraffin are harmless to our health, and even some of their forms have been used in the production of cosmetics, paraffin burning is not so neutral. Scientists took a closer look at paraffin candles, and studies showed that burning such a candle gives off a lot of harmful substances.

What is wrong with the paraffin candle?

Benzene, Toluene and even formaldehyde were detected, and the soot from burning the candle is very similar in composition to the secretions found in pipes exhaust of diesel cars. So let’s take a closer look at the effects of the ingredients created by burning a paraffin candle.

Benzene has been considered a highly toxic substance to living organisms since 1900. It causes acute and chronic poisoning, and the first symptoms can be recognized as nausea and dizziness. Benzene is considered a highly carcinogenic compound. And unfortunately – it is deposited in the body for a longer time, becoming a silent enemy. On the other hand, Toluene is used as a solvent in the production of paints and as a thinner for other industrial chemicals. You can also find it in floor adhesives and hydraulic mortars. It has a pungent smell and is highly flammable, and its vapours are highly irritating to the respiratory system. It is hazardous for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

The first symptoms of its poisoning are headaches and dizziness, fatigue, weariness and nausea, and even loss of consciousness. For a reason, employees use properly filtering protective masks in chemical factories. Formaldehyde, in turn, also known as formaldehyde or – in the right proportion with ethanol – formalin, is present in smog in high concentrations. It is widely used in industry in plants producing adhesives, furniture, fibreboards, building materials or even textiles and curtains. Formaldehyde has such a strong effect on living organisms that it is used as a disinfectant for hospitals and other medical instruments and surfaces. It has a characteristic acrid smell that irritates us as soon as we are within its range of action. Formaldehyde impairs the immune system, degrades the respiratory tract, and works toxic to the liver and nervous system. Probably not many people know, but formaldehyde is used to preserve materials in biological rooms.

All three of the above ingredients are found – surprisingly – in every apartment, in a concentration higher than outside. Why? Well, precisely because they are used to produce building materials from which all blocks and houses that we have in our sight every day are built. Under the influence of the apartment’s heat, building materials heat up, and the trio of them evaporate into our interior. Is it worth risking your health by adding another portion from the candle, improving your mood and making your stay in the house a pleasant one? We think no. That’s why we focus on much healthier solutions!

Soy wax candle are healthier solution

Soy candles are made of natural, organic soy wax. Wax is produced by pressing and hardening soybean oil in environmentally healthy conditions. For comparison, the paraffin used to make candles most often comes from waste generated during the extraction of oil and lignite. It sounds not very encouraging because this is where all harmful substances come from. However, during the burning of soybean candles, these substances are not released even a gram! They are 100% safe for humans.
On the contrary – soy candles are known for their healing effects. They are very often used during therapeutic aromatherapy and in cosmetics. As soy candles are currently a manufactory product, and as you know – manufacturers take care of every detail with care and love – even the wicks are refined in every detail. Usually, wicks made of ecological 100% cotton or wooden wicks are used. Thanks to which they are free of lead and other chemical compounds. It is essential when burning a candle because no substances that are unfriendly to human health are released into the environment. Which may come from the substance that makes up the candle and its wick. An additional advantage is that no animal gets hurt in the production of soy wax. Therefore, soy candles are 100% suitable for vegans and everyone who cares about our little friends.

And the functional aspects? The production of soy wax candles has developed to such an extent that they do not differ from classic candles with many scents. Instead, you can find them in lovely glass jars designed in a rectilinear but tasteful way. They blend in perfectly with any interior, creating a subtle decoration. A significant issue is the use of glass jars to produce candles – we can later use such a jar for any purpose.

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